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Stripes and Leather

I wore this outfit to church this past Sunday! Outfit details below!!

Skirt JCP
Shoes White House Black Market
Blazer TJ Maxx
Shirt Sway Chic


The world through the lenses of Kendario Crigler!!!!!


My life is a photography” A quote I established for my work which entails the depth of my love for photography. I’m just a southern boy from Atlanta, GA who moved to New York to build upon my love for fashion and photography. I’m currently building a brand around “Kpierre” which is my alias for the work that I do; K for my first name to give credit and Pierre adopted from my partial middle name, which encompasses French inspiration. I am a lover of homme style and that is the essence of my creativity. I am a street/editorial/blog photographer who just loves the art and keeps it simple by doing what I love for free..

Name of Business/Occupation and year established:

The name of my business is Kpierre Photography. I am everything. The year that my photography as a brand kicked off was in 2005.

My website is (DOPE WEBSITE BTW!!!!)

Type of Business/Occupation:

The type of business I own is everything encompassed around graphic design mixed with photography.

Business/Career Vision:

My vision is to create a novel of photos using no words. I hope to one day become a household name and a well sought after photographer by building major connections. I also hope to inspire people as much as possible along the way.

Business/Career Inspiration:

My number one inspiration is individuality. Secondly, my carnal desires are towards the works of the infamous Bill Cunningham who gave up everything systematic and pursued photography on the streets.

Your greatest obstacle and accomplishment while starting your business/Career:

My greatest obstacle was overcoming my fear of leaving my comfort zone, which is the south and explore new territory where I could actually thrive. My greatest accomplishment is actually starting a brand that has over 15,000 followers, for which I am very grateful.

Any advice to inspiring entrepreneurs or people beginning their careers:

My only advice is to remain true to yourself and your dreams; be able to take a no from other people, but NEVER take a no from yourself.

Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see my business launched and attached to a great deal of fashion brands and independent designers. My ultimate passion is to become a seasoned fashion photographer.


Lauren-rooftop Cid-PS8-(for-web) Cid Magazine Eyes New-York-Central DSC_0448

Stacie-Lee Burnett and her Sensational Scents


Meet Stacie Lee-Burnett, owner and founder of Infinite Lee Scents (ILS). Infinite Lee Scents was birthed on October of 2008, when the economy was taking a turn for the worse. A divorced mother of four, working two jobs while going to school, still need extra income to make ends meet. Starting out with just selling body oils to co-workers to having a kiosk in a mall, website and liaisons in various states.

Name of Business and year established: Infinite Lee Scents


Type of Business: Natural beauty products for body and hair.

Business Vision:  is to provide high quality products that make one feel good about themselves at a reasonable price.  

Business Inspiration: The testimonies from my clients….the ones who take the time to express to me how much they appreciate Infinite Lee Scents. How confident they feel when wearing the products.

Your greatest obstacle and accomplishment while starting your business:

The greatest obstacle was ignoring the people who weren’t supportive of me in starting the business.

The greatest accomplishments when people believed in me and the product so much, they wanted to become distributors of the products in various states!  (quick note: I am an avid purchaser of Stacie’s products. My mom sells them and they smell wonderful and are affordable.)

Any advice to inspiring entrepreneurs: KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! Don’t give up on your dream…even if you are standing alone and it’s something you believe with your mind, body and soul….DONT GIVE UP!

Where would you like to see your business in 5 years? I would love to see Infinite Lee Scents as a household name in 5 year as well as a distribution center where the products are created and shipped under one building.







Parker Forte’: Shows you how to get bougie!!

Bougie has become everyones new favorite word to describe themselves.  I am kinda relieved because the “Bad B**ch” title was getting out of hand. lol Parker also known as Sawanna to some decided to capitalize on everyones new favorite self-description and incorporate it into her business.  Below, you will find a brief bio on Parker in addition to a link to her website.


Parker Forte is a 26 year old Mental Health Specialist and Counseling Psychology grad student.  She established her business in February 2012 and sells Virgin Hair Extensions, apparel and also accessories on an e-commerce site. Her business vision is to offer quality, long lasting products that satisfies her customers and have them looking BOUGIE.  She was inspired by the hustle and mentality of the businesswomen of Atlanta.  She noticed how ambitious Atlanta women were in the hair and fashion industry and decided to take notes and apply them. She said that her biggest accomplishment was starting her business and her biggest obstacle was encountering crooked business people.  Which sparked her dedication in learning the business and gaining first hand knowledge independently. Her best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to RESEARCH and realize that in business there are no handouts. She also said “its smart to start small and then work on adding to your business as it grows and you become more successful.”    In five years she would love to open a physical location in Memphis or Nashville, TN.  So readers make sure you pay attention to and GET BOUGIE!!!!!!


Birthday Celebration

This particular night I was heading out to celebrate a former co-workers birthday. I was running late obviously so I had to throw something on quickly. I decided to pair these pieces together to pull off a warm but practical look together.

Blazer n Boots random stores in NYC
Stockings Target
Necklace Material Girls

Hello Color White

Ever wake up not knowing what to wear that day? Those are the days I style myself the best. Below I was heading to campus and knew I wanted to wear my skirt but didn’t know what I would wear it with. Well this is the look I came up with…..outfit details below! Enjoy

Jacket Red Anchor Boutique
Shirt United Liquidators Apparel
Skirt ASOS
Shoes Express
Stockings T.J. maxx
Necklace Material Girls

New Year’s Day outfit Details

I celebrated the New Year in New Orleans with my lovely boyfriend and some friends. It was a great night.  I purchased my dress two days before New Year’s Eve. I was really cutting it close and this outfit wasn’t officially put together until a few hours before I was to leave for New Orleans. lol I was very pleased with the outcome of my outfit.  It was comfortable and the only item i purchased for the night was my dress. I already had everything else. I just had to dust it off a bit. lol Below is a picture and details on where my pieces came from.  I hope you all enjoyed your celebrations and go into the New Year with plenty of positive thoughts.


Details of my New Years Eve/Day Outfit

Dress M.S.S.P from Dillards

Tights T.J. Maxx

Necklace & Earrings T.J. Maxx


Vest Forever21 online

Female Media Personality & DJ Phenom: Yasmin Young


Image from:

Women can be  successful DJs too?? Yes they really can. lol Anything men can do women can do better.  In this feature I will shed light on Yasmin Young a successful Media Personality, DJ and a host of other things.  You will get to see a different side of the Entertainment industry that is usually dominated by men. Below will be a short bio of Yasmin Young, some advice and her in her element interviewing Rick Ross.

Yasmin Young.  is the co-host of The Morning Maddhouse on Power 98 in Charlotte, NC and fashion fanatic.  She currently host an online show called Fashion Friday on and, where she interviews MUA, clothing designers, hair stylists, jewelry designers, boutiques, etc.  She also owns a fashion blog called

A little about your business?

“I have been in radio for 1 years, hosting Fashion Friday for 2 years and owner of This Kitten for 2 years.

Business/Career Vision?

“To bring new and up-and-coming fashion designers to the word, as well as promote established fashion and style.”

Business/Career Inspiration?

” My inspiration comes from expression, fashion and style in an artistic means to expressing oneself.”

Your greatest obstacle and accomplishment while starting your business/Career?

“My biggest challenge was meeting and networking with people in the fashion industry.  When I first started taping my show, I was struggling to find guests.  Now, I have such an overwhelming number of people wanting to be featured, I can’t even accodmodate them all.”

Any advice to inspiring entrepreneurs or people beginning their careers?

“Don’t let anyone hold you back from your goal and dreams!  The only person who you need to believe in you is you!”

Where would you like to see your business in 5 years? I want my business to be successful

“I want my business to be successful! I never like to put a concrete plan in place, because I have learned through life that sometimes you miss other opportunities when you are so glued to your plans…opportunities that may be greater than what you had planned.”

You can follow her on instagram @ALLThatYaz and twitter @DJYasminYoung

or visit her  at these websites:,,

New Hot Lipstick/Lipstain: Sephora Charlotte Ronson Double xo Lipstick Lipstain

Charlotte Ronson

This will be my first product review.  I have recently been introduced to Sephora Charlotte Ronson’s lipstick/lipstain combo and after wearing it for a few weeks I am really in love with this lipstick/lipstain combo.  It comes in several different shades that she named after her friends.  I have tried 3 Katherine, Minnie, Nicky and they are all great colors. You can wear the stain or lipstick by itself or a combination of both. It doesnt feel sticky on your lips and the lipstick feels real smooth and creamy on your lips.The product did so well that they are sold out at but I will let you in on a little secret you can find them on Ebay via me. 🙂 They are originally $22 but you can get them off of ebay for $10.  They will make lovely Christmas gifts for all the women in your lives.  Men it would be a great gift for your mother or your special someone *hint hint* . So just go to ebay and type in Charlotte Ronson Double xo Lipstick Lipstain and it should pop up.

Below is a Youtube video review on the product.


Stripes & Bows

Last night we celebrated my good friend Skye’s birthday at 206 Front in downtown Hattiesburg, MS. This is what I came up with to wear to the occasion.

Bow tights
Dress from Material Girls
Jessica Simpson Pumps
Necklace UAL

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